Lynne M. Meyer

A solo Samhain ritual experience for connecting with one’s beloved ancestors.
Let your bi flag fly, witches! A unicorn is missing. Your coven of bi+ witches must rush to the rescue.
Your witchy dream cottage awaits... if you can learn the magic word!
A sapphic duet Caltrop Core TTRPG about risking everything for your happily-ever-after.
A cozy solo game about finding your way home with the help of friendly fireflies.
In this GM-optional cooperative TTRPG, two best friends - one cat, and one dog - set out for a day of adventure.
You and your magical friends are planning a surprise birthday party for someone special. Will there be a happy ending?
Ravenous raccoons try to hit snack paydirt in this Honey Heist hack.
Welcome to Chicago, Hallowe'en 1913. Can you sneak into Hull House and prove that the rumored Devil Baby is real?

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